Martial Arts Biography

Juergen Mayer, 7th Dan from Germany practice daily since 1978 Martial Arts and his own Karate clubs continuously since 1983. Meanwhile he trains the 3rd generation of students! He was karate country coach in Sachsen-Anhalt and had great success at national and international level with his country and club fighters. He graduated from the A coach education at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt at the Institute of Sport Sciences in 1997. He was among other speaker for the training of C and B trainer (SAH) Speaker for teacher training "Karate as school sport " and official Coach for Selfdefence in Bavaria karate teacher education. He is instructor for prevention of the german Sports Associaction (DOSB). This is a special diploma only a few teams running, the DOSB label "Lead Sport for Health "! He was a member of the German Dan Academy and Organisers of many Championships, trainings and courses for over 30 years.

The President of his own KARATE SCHOOL MAYER was in 1986 the 1st Dan in Karate at JKA instructor Hideo Ochi, 8th Dan. In Taekwon-Do and Hanbo-Jitsu (stick self-defense), he is also black belt. He is also 3rd Dan in Kobudo weapon system. Until the age of 30 he was eight years active as a karate competitor and won 6x the regional championships in Kata u. Kumite. Tournaments, competitions and test fights were with selection cadres at home and abroad, the last time again 1997 with Karate Nationaltrainer Mohr in Japan.

As A-Grade Examiner of the German Karate Association e.V. and the German Kobudo Federation e.V. he rewards Kyu and Dan (Master) grades to national and international Examination candidates.

Kobudoka - Weapons Specialist

As President of the German Kobudo Federation (around 30 member associations in 6 provinces in 2012), is it parallel to Karate, Kobudo is in his heart. Among others he presented his baton-SV system at the police department Schwabach (South Germany), in which a training video was created and trained since then dedicated police officers, security service people and individuals with the "purpose stick" (TONFA).

Junior -and- pioneering work at school

Especially for children and young people he is working. He taught as a hired physical education teacher of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture 6 years at the Realschule Hersbruck Karate as school sports. He developed the karate lesson plan for the differentiated school sports at secondary schools in Bavaria and was involved then to give his experience to others at the the first school sports symposias.

Speaker with worldwide contacts

Seminar- and trainer activities with a focus on karate, self-defense, competition kumite and weapons techniques in the regional area, such as in total Germany, in neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt, Turkey) and also in the motherland of Karate in Japan ( for example, in the dojo of the national team in Fukuoka, also in Shizuoka and Chugoku). 2010, a trainer, and promotion in India and the Maldives! For 4 years (2012 2016) he taught every year in Israel and in Palestine (West Bank).

Japan travel 1997 - 1999 - 2005 - 2007

At the invitation of the Japanese Karate coach Seiji Nishimura, 8.DAN (Kumite) and Sakumoto, 8.DAN (Kata) he trained in 1997 in southern Japan (Kyushu) and Okinawa. In 1999 he trained again in Naha, Fukuoka and Hiroshima with friends and finally in Honbu Dojo (Central School) of the JKA (Shotokan style) in Ebisu, Tokyo. He was given the exceptional honor to lead as "gaijin" (foreigners) karate training at the dojo of the national team of Japan, in Fukuoka, and Hiroshima.

The penultimate Japareise took place in October-November of 2005. Again was the host Seiji Nishimura, now 8th Dan, Ex-coach of Japan. HONSHU and again KYUSHU was this time through two domestic flights, train rides with the SHINKANSEN and many road trips traveled extensively.

The visit of Alljapanese Championships in Kurashiki (Okayama), participate in the Weekend courses in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka) and Oita in which J. Mayer also took a coach part, as well as daily training at the University of Fukuoka and Chugoku in one of the most successful children and youth coach of Japan Yamaguchi Sensei deepened further to look at the roots of karate, as well as on the current training methods of Japanese karate master.

Also in 2007 was full of incomparable experience: Judge at the Central Japanese High School Championships in Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture) and in Wado-Kai Championships in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka Prefecture). Guest of Sensei Harutoshi Hirota and the Tokai University, Shoyo High School in Shizuoka. Working as an English high school teacher. Sightseeing and Training in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Narita and Shizuoka.

Appearances on television and other Media

He was interviewed by the FIRST CHANNEL Israel, Arabic televison, Voice of Ramallah, many India Media, also in Maldives Television and Turkey. He appeared also on local TV stations in Germany (Brandenburg, Franken, SAT 1 Bavaria).


He was awarded the honorary certificate and lapel pin in silver with gold the Bavarian Karate Federation for "outstanding achievements" 12-2008. He was awarded the Golden Badge of Honour of the Bavarian Karate Federation for more than 15 years of licensed trainers activities.

Meritocracies in Gold (12-2008) of the Bavarian State Athletic Federation of longtime volunteer management activities (25 years) without interruption. It is the merit nobility for "many years of excellent services in sport". "30" in silver-honour Pin the Bavarian Sports Association for 30 years membership (12-2008).

Awarding the "Bavarian volunteering Map" (2013) of Bavaria "as a reward for outstanding volunteer work for the benefit of the community."